Clove VALORANT Unveiled as 25th Agent in 2024

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Clove VALORANT Unveiled as 25th Agent

Valorant is known for its unique character-based FPS gameplay, where each agent possesses a special set of abilities. Fans eagerly awaited the release of the game’s newest agent, and in 2024, Riot Games finally delivered with Clove VALORANT. Introducing popular and famous online games that can be bet on the JBO SPORT website. For gamblers who are looking for a way to make money from e-sports games, there are up to 100 games to choose from, complete with every genre you want, with the best price rates that are hard to find.

Key Details about Clove VALORANT

Agent Clove was officially unveiled on March 24, 2024, as a Controller agent packed with abilities for controlling, attacking, and supporting. His intriguing skills make him a valuable asset for ranked play.

Clove’s Abilities

  • Ruse: This ability opens a map view, allowing you to select two locations to place smoke grenades that obscure enemy vision.
  • Pick-Me-Up: When activated, this ability allows you to absorb the health of defeated enemies, increasing your mobility and health for a short period.
  • Meddle: Throw a ball towards a selected location. Enemies within the ability’s range will be temporarily disintegrated. If shot while disintegrated, they will be instantly killed.
  • Not Dead Yet: After being eliminated, you can activate this ability to revive yourself. Upon revival, you must either get a kill or assist in a kill to avoid dying again.

Clove Gameplay Tips

  • Study the agent’s skills and general abilities thoroughly.
  • Learn strategic points and suitable positions for placing smoke grenades.
  • Play according to the character’s role to maintain team balance.
  • Coordinate with teammates and communicate situations constantly.

How to Unlock Clove

  • Purchase with Valorant Points: Go to the store, search for Agents, and purchase Clove for 1,000 VP.
  • Unlock through gameplay: Go to the Agent selection screen, select Clove to unlock, and play and accumulate rounds in matches to unlock.

Where to Follow News on the Latest Agent

For avid Valorant fans, don’t miss Playvalorant.com, the game’s official website. It provides regular updates on news and information, including the release of Clove VALORANT and future agents.

Clove VALORANT: Summary

Clove VALORANT is the newest Controller agent in 2024. You can easily unlock and play this new agent by either completing missions or purchasing with Valorant Points. Enjoy the exciting JBO THAI gameplay and resurrection ability that can turn the tide of the match.


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