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As the world is starting to understand the importance of a green and sustainable environment Dubai has already made huge steps towards a green and sustainable environment with an eco-friendly approach in its real estate department. Dubai, also called upon as the city of gold most popular for its huge ambitious projects, architectural marvels and its marvelous skyscrapers, is now among the top cities with a green and sustainable living environment and ecosystem. This transformation of Dubai is also influencing other countries and cities to transform their focus to a green and sustainable living environment.

This article will tell you how Dubai has turned its dream of becoming a greener and sustainable City into a reality. Dubai being filled with an eco friendly community and high tech building is a part of fulfilling their commitment to a sustainable environment. The industry trends which have been raised in the past year have driven the construction cost in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to an increase of 2-7%.

The green revolution in Dubai’s real estate 

The journey of Dubai towards a greener and sustainable environment is starting to become more and more visible due to the huge amounts of projects all with their own unique features and benefits regarding greenery which are different from its traditional building methods. These new projects which Dubai is doing are mainly focused on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, renewable energy and creating better and green living spaces setting an example of an eco-friendly development for the whole world to observe and get inspired by.

Highlighting sustainable marvels

The decent projects of Dubai focusing on sustainable real estate projects showing the world their advanced Green feature and all the benefits they are causing towards making Dubai a happier, greener and sustainable place. The United Arab Emirates is now becoming a representation of sustainability especially in its department of real estate. Zahabi Homes is one of the good Dubai rental agencies that you contact for buying a sustainable place.

The sustainable City

Another new project in Dubai is a sustainable city. In this project, the main focus is to create a city with energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, renewable energy while minimizing the amount of carbon footprints by building homes powered by solar energy while also teaching its residents about the importance of a sustainable living environment and sustainable practices. If you are looking for a Dubai Hills property for sale, contact Zahabi Homes.

Al barari

Another project in Dubai is the project of al-barari. It is essentially a luxurious residential community with high quality practices of sustainable and green living. The goal of this project is to create a residential community that is luxurious and sustainable with 80% green space which includes natural lakes, streams and landscape gardens. The main purpose of al-barari is to promote eco-friendly practices which include recycling of water and usage of solar energy, offering a sustainable lifestyle to its residents without holding back on the aspect of luxury. This is also an ideal example that shows the world that technology and greenery combined are more beautiful than just focusing on one of the two factors.


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