Joint Scales – Useful Information for Cockers

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Joint Scales - Useful Information for Cockers

Interthyroidal scales or is one of the signs that shows whether fighting cocks should be raised to participate in cockfighting or not. To help players better understand this type of scale. Hi88 has compiled all the useful information in the following article to help players refer to and understand better.

General information about interthyroid scales

This is a type of scale with 3 clusters of scales with adjacent positions between the youngest row of scales and the spur of the fighting cocks. With any chickens vảy liên giáp This is often highly appreciated by cockfighting enthusiasts. Because this is a super rare chicken breed.

Basic information about interthyroid scales

The scale is made up of two regular scales and they are glued together. Players who are passionate about cockfighting should not ignore any cocks that possess this special type of scale. Whether they have internal, external or marginal borders, they all show that they are extremely healthy.

Characteristic signs of fighting cocks possess armored scales

For professional enthusiasts, it is easy to recognize which cock possesses this type of scale. But however, for new players it is difficult to recognize. The following, Hi 88 We will list some identifying signs to help you better understand type vallied armor This:

  • For fighting chickens that possess this type of scale, they will be average in size or smaller than fighting chickens. And they have more muscles than usual and this creates an extremely beautiful body.
  • These cocks will have an active personality and will be extremely happy to win. They will fight extremely hard and will stop when the opponent has been knocked down.

Signs help cockers recognize

  • Usually when the nape is done, it will be lighter than normal and less nape than other types.

Types of scales appear commonly today

After finding out clearly about Interthyroidal scales What is it as well as how to identify the chickens that own it. And many people are hunting and searching to own them. Helps cockfighters easily win when letting these chickens participate in fiery arenas. Next, we will help you identify the types of scales that commonly appear. 

Internal interthyroid scales in chickens

For those who own this type of scale, it will often bring a huge impression. With an expression that makes the cockerel unforgettable, it has extraordinary strength and top resistance ability.

To take full advantage of their potential, players must know how to care for and train them. These chickens will adapt extremely well to their living environment and optimal diet.

Farmers need to provide a suitable exercise schedule to help stimulate their comprehensive development. Therefore, choosing and taking care of cocks that possess this type of scale helps players easily win.

Chicken scales are connected to the team

When Intrathyroidal scales If this degree appears on a chicken leg, it will become something special and unique. To easily see, there are 3 scales located consecutively together in the front position of the spur. Chickens like these will be extremely appreciated for their strength and ferocity.

Joint-armed chicken scales are extremely rare

 In the arena, these fighting gods do not hesitate to show off their health through extremely accurate and powerful kicks. The most outstanding feature of this type is their endurance, allowing them to withstand kicks and make matches last longer. From there, you can take advantage of the opportunity to defeat the opponent.

Joint-posterior chicken scales are extremely rare

With chickens that I own for myself Interthyroidal scales Queen will often appear in Southern Vietnam. They have a charming beauty with red wings and jet black plumage. Nowadays, they are quite rare to come across, which helps their value increase.

The rarity of these cocks also makes the value of owning them in the market increasingly increasing. Even with such high prices, for those who are passionate about cockfighting or are passionate about fighting cocks and want to own a strong fighting cock. Dill is an easy thing, because they have an extremely unique beauty.


The above article is general information about these types Interthyroidal scales of chicken is shared by Hi88 with you guys. We hope that this content will help players easily recognize and distinguish different types of chicken scales. So that you can easily own it for yourself as well as win in extremely exciting cockfighting arenas.


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