Top Countries for Immigration: Pros and Cons

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Many people are looking for opportunities in the foreign countries. In this article two countries are discussed who provide you with a better lifestyle and opportunities. 

Top countries for immigration

Following are the top countries for immigration:

  1. New Zealand 

If you are a young person and plan to go on an adventurous trip then New Zealand may be the best decision for you. you can find a lot of opportunities there that you can take advantage of. Following are some disadvantages and advantages of travelling to New Zealand. 


  • People of New Zealand are very humble and show complete hospitalityTowards the people that travel here. 
  • Secondly, New Zealand has a perfect balance of activities and work. This way your life will become more refreshing and you will enjoy the new environment.
  •  When you move to New Zealand you will find a lot of adventurous places to visit. This way you can take a break from your work and explore the world. 


  • Well as we all know, New Zealand has a smaller population as compared to other parts of the world. That is why there is Limited career mobility for certain fields .
  • As mentioned above, the population of New Zealand is very small so you can feel isolated and sometimes lonely too. 

How to find work in New Zealand?

To find agriculture work in New Zealand, you can search on specific websites like seasonal jobs New Zealand, or go overseas job boards. Most jobs except agriculture will be found in tourist towns just like Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown. You can contact DM Consultants Oman for immigrating to New Zealant. 

  1. Netherlands

If you want to live history again, then the Netherlands is the best option for you as it has a bunch of historic places like the house where Jewish diarist Anne frank hid during world war 2. Not only that but the Netherlands is also famous because of its cycling routes and its heart dripping pancakes. So if your interest matches the Dutch then you are welcome to the Netherlands. 


  • Well you don’t have to learn the official language of the Netherlands as a variety of Dutch speak English.
  • Well there are a lot of opportunities for you and there are also low crime rates even in the cities. 


  • Compared to other countries, the Netherlands has a very high cost of living. It is comparatively 10.7% higher than the UK itself.
  • In the Netherlands, it can be hard to make best friends with local people because of close knit social circles and their politics.

How to find work in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands you can also find a lot of opportunities as there are very few people in the field of research and academia. People live a healthy life in the Netherlands because it focuses on sustainable energy and a clean green environment. Other than that, a very popular way of finding jobs in the Netherlands is linkedin. So if you want to find jobs there make sure to download that app for free. If you want a skilled worker visa Australia, call DM Consultant.


Although there are many countries to travel to in the entire world, but,some of them just offer you better opportunities and a balanced lifestyle. Above given two countries are just examples of this.


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