Gary Neville: England’s familiarity with tournaments is evident, yet they must raise their performance levels once more when facing the Netherlands

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Gary Neville emphasized the team’s experience in tournaments, noting their ability to reach semi-finals consistently. While he acknowledged the importance of navigating tough matches, he cautioned that relying solely on such resilience may not be sustainable in the long run. Neville suggested that elevating the team’s overall performance level is crucial to avoid being exposed and potentially falling short in future competitions.

Gary Neville commended Gareth Southgate’s England team for their adept handling of tournament challenges, particularly highlighted by their recent victory in a penalty shoot-out against Switzerland, securing yet another spot in the semi-finals.

Yet, the Sky Sports analyst cautioned that the team Thapcam tv must continue to build on their enhanced performance against Switzerland as they prepare to face the Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semi-finals on Wednesday.

England adopted a back three formation against Switzerland, relying on a crucial intervention from Bukayo Saka to level the score after initially trailing. They subsequently demonstrated flawless penalty execution following Jordan Pickford’s save from Manuel Akanji’s attempt.

Although England did not reach their peak performance, the outcome adds to Southgate’s strong tournament record. This includes a semi-final appearance in the 2018 World Cup, a Euro 2020 final berth, and a quarter-final finish in the 2022 World Cup.

Navigating challenging games is indicative of positive progress

« I find it has improved, » Neville commented on England’s overall performance. « Ever since Gareth took charge and we adopted a three-at-the-back strategy, I’ve consistently favored that approach. It seems to offer us better equilibrium, suiting the team with increased fluidity and a more relaxed style of play. »

Especially in the first half. In the second half, we reverted to safe ball circulation, but during the first half, we displayed some reasonably good play. The extra time was exceedingly cautious and conservative, possibly due to fatigue on their part. We failed to assert control over the game and lacked any significant tempo.

However, this team possesses tournament experience, regularly reaching the semi-finals. There is also some luck involved in the draw – we’ve faced Serbia, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Switzerland. If someone had told you that you’d face these five teams in a major tournament, you’d be delighted.

We haven’t hit our peak performance, but it seems to be a trend in this tournament. Spain has showcased some exceptional football, while other teams have been less impressive but effective in advancing. The Dutch and France, considered favorites for the tournament, haven’t shown their best form either.

It’s positive for a team to navigate tough matches, but it’s not something you can consistently depend on. In my view, relying solely on that approach will eventually lead to being exposed if you don’t elevate your performance level.

Saturday marked a definite improvement in our overall equilibrium and represented a step forward. Looking ahead, we need to elevate our game even further for Wednesday’s match against the Netherlands, as they boast formidable players.

Will we be exposed? Are our performance levels adequate? Yet, we’re just two games from reaching ultimate success. Can England continue their journey with the resilience, tournament experience, patience, and composure they consistently demonstrate, even when faced with adversity?

Neville commented on England’s penalty success: « There’s a definite strategy in place. »

Reflecting on the penalty shoot-out, which marked England’s first instance of successfully converting all five of their kicks, Neville commended the players’ mentality as well as their thorough preparation and accumulated experience in such critical moments.

« I don’t believe the fear ever completely fades for those players as they step up, but unquestionably, they find themselves in a more advantageous position than we’ve been as a nation in previous times, » he remarked.

There is a definite strategy for determining who will take the penalties, along with a well-organized plan for the goalkeeper on which direction to dive – I understand this isn’t groundbreaking, but every detail is meticulously planned.

We require individuals on the field who have previous experience in that role, who approach penalty-taking effortlessly. That’s exactly what we had: five players who were at ease stepping up to take a penalty.

I understand there’s additional pressure during a tournament, but having prior repetitive experience certainly provides significant assistance.


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