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In a game party at the Casino, the absence of a scratch card game will be a huge omission. About some current questions about what is a scratch card game? This is currently one of the most popular games today and is very popular with gamebaitst88. The article below top 10 game bài đổi thưởng uy tín will take readers to the world of scratch cards and ways to help players always win.

What is the scratch card game?

Scratch card game (also known as Baccarat game) is one of the famous card games in the online casino game treasure. This game is mainly calculated based on the use of the current 52-card deck of cards. 

Each person participating in the game will be given a certain number of cards, then compare their scores. The results will be calculated based on the general rules of the game, and the winner will receive a bonus according to regulations. Even though it is a game with a high level of red and black, the scratch card game still has very simple playing secrets to win.

Learn about scratch card games

What is the term scratch card game for those who do not know? 

To play scratch cards properly, you first need to memorize the following specialized terms:

  • Steal: this is a choice for each gamer before each scratch card game, you will choose to steal or not. In one of two cases, such as too many players taking the card or no one taking the card, the choice will be in the random arrangement system.
  • Bet: there are two types of rooms: 5x and 10x, that number is equivalent to how many times you bet the first bet.
  • Contributing plays: in this case, the player will also have the right to choose whether or not to contribute plays, the amount of contribution is equal to the amount of the first bet. This bet will be returned to the player with the highest card in this game.
  • View cards: after receiving a sufficient number of cards, the player will calculate the total score of those 3 cards.
  • Compare cards: The scores above will be compared with other players, the house will determine who wins.

What is the term in the scratch card game?

What are the rules for scratch card games at gamebaitst88

What are the rules of the scratch card game and what are they for? The rules below at https://gamebaitst88.com/ will help you better understand how the current scratch card game operates at this house.

Rules for the number of people allowed to participate on the scratch card table

According to regulations, a scratch card table can only accommodate 2 to 6 participants, each player must have 3 cards. Therefore, at some other playing venues, they may increase the number of people beyond 6 because the number of cards is still completely enough.

What are the rules for calculating scores in scratch card games?

Each card will be scored differently, please read below:

  • Special cards such as card A will be counted as 1 point, cards J, Q, K will all be counted as 10 points.
  • The remaining cards from 2 to 10 are calculated by the number of points appearing on each card
  • Depending on the rules, each region is different, but usually after having 3 cards in hand you will have to directly calculate their total. The sum will range from 0 to 9, so in case you can add up a two-digit number, you can only get the units number. For a simple example, if you add up the total to 25, your score will be 5 points.

What are the rules for ranking scratch cards in scratch card games?

Ranking in scratch card games is often very important and directly affects the match results. In scratch cards, there are sometimes special sets of three cards that have a much higher value than the 9-button scratch cards. They include the following sets:

Straight Set: That means you are dealt 3 cards with the same value, for example 3 5s. Among the straight sets, the 3-card A set will be the most valuable and highest scoring set, the straight set. 3 2-cards are the suit with the smallest value. Usually, the player who owns the only wax in the match will win by default, however if many people have the wax at the same time, it will be determined based on the value of the set of wax.

Lieng Set: is when you are dealt a set of 3 cards of consecutive value, for example a set of 3,4,5. The player who has Lien will also be counted as a winner, but if there are many people, it will have to be calculated based on value. Among them, sets Q,K,A are the strongest and sets A,2,3 are the smallest.

Three Scratch: is when you own 3 cards with the same point value, you will also win without having to consider points.

What are the rules for ranking in scratch card games?


After the above article, surely readers have identified for themselves the most basic concept of What is a scratch card game?. We hope that the above knowledge that gamebaitst88 sends to you will help you have the most objective view of this game before entering the match with your opponents.


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